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Building the Plains Since 1958 


Plains Builders, Inc. is a fourth-generation construction company in Amarillo that is built on two basic beliefs. First, because we are a locally-owned company, we are doing business with our friends and neighbors. Second, at least half our business should be repeat business from satisfied customers. Acting on these beliefs, our promise to you is to provide honest, sincere, and hard work.

These core values were first instilled by our founder Leo Koetting who formed Plains Steel Building Company in 1958, which quickly became the third largest distributor for Stran Steel Metal Buildings in the United States.

In 1971, upon the passing of Leo Koetting, his son, Alfred, became President. Eight years later, Alfred's sons, Tim and Mark, started working for the company with their other brother, Dan, following suit in 1996. Alfred managed the company until his passing in 2008. Today, the three Koetting brothers run Plains Builders, Inc. together.

The business philosophy and vision that Leo Koetting founded Plains Builders, Inc. on in 1958 is still present in the company today. We have always been and will always be committed to providing our customers with the highest quality and well-managed construction projects. 

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