In 1958, Leo Koetting formed Plains Steel Building Company.  During the late 50's and early 60's, Plains became the third largest distributor for Stran Steel Metal Buildings.  Specializing in agricultural construction, we sold and installed grain storage and feedlot facilities throughout the southwest United States.  The original Randall County feedlot was constructed by Plains Steel Buildings in 1963. During the late 60's and early 70's, we were selected by International Harvester to construct dealerships all over the country.  During this period we constructed 26 dealerships in 12 different states.

In 1971, Alfred Koetting became President of the company upon the death of Leo Koetting.  Under Alfred’s guidance we continued to grow and diversify.  We were selected by Pilot Oil to construct truck stops in Amarillo, TX, Barstow, CA, Terre Haute, IN, and Weathersfield, OH. 

In1993, we were contacted by Maxus Oil to provide $845,000 worth of building systems, which were to ship to their new gas plant in Quito, Ecuador.  After the material had shipped, we were requested to send supervisory personnel to Quito to oversee the construction of our building systems.

In 1979, Tim and Mark Koetting became involved in the business and are now managing the company.  In the last 20 years we have seen the pre-engineered building percentage of our sales decrease while the conventional construction percentage has increased.  Although pre-engineered buildings account for less than 25% of our yearly sales, we are still considered the top pre-engineered contractor in Amarillo.  This is evidenced by the fact that local general contractors hire us to complete pre-engineered structures on their projects.

In the 53 years that we have been in business Plains Builders Inc. has completed over 2800 different project in 22 different states. Currently conventional construction accounts for approximately 75% of our yearly sales.  Our ability and reputation, in completing all types of commercial construction has grown rapidly.  Over 72% of our sales are with repeat clients.  Most of this work is completed on a negotiated basis.  We believe that because we are a local firm we are doing business with friends and neighbors and that the majority of our work will be from satisfied customers.

From the beginning, our company has relied on honesty, sincerity, hard work and a quality product rather than slick salesmanship, a sharp pencil and low bid.  Our goal has always been an outstanding reputation and long-lasting relationship with our clients and within the construction community.

We have learned that the ultimate quality of every building rests in the hands of the people who build it.  We pride ourselves on keeping the most qualified people on staff.  Our average length of employment is 15 years.  We employ only those individuals who reflect our ethical and moral standards.

We are proud of the fact that this is the only third generation construction company in Amarillo.  The business philosophy and vision that Leo Koetting had in 1958 is still present in his grandsons today.  Plains Builders has always been and will always be committed to serving our customers.  We look forward to showing you the caliber of facility we can construct.