Design Build the Plains Builders Way

Throughout history, master builders embraced both design and construction roles to build the world’s greatest structures. 

As a modern-day master builder, Plains Builders, Inc. is more than just a commercial construction general contractor. We’re the single entity that is contractually responsible for delivering on all aspects of your project’s design, engineering and construction. 

This turnkey or single source of responsibility compares to so-called traditional bid contracting, which holds that an owner commissions an architect or engineer to prepare design specifications and separately selects a construction contractor by competitive bid. 

The Plains Builders approach features a full team dedicated to producing results that meet customers’ needs. Rather than working with separate entities, the owner enjoys a unified design-construct team working together on his or her behalf with single-source responsibility.

Working with Plains Builders Design Build Means

1.Stable employee-owned company with trusted reputation

2.Single-source responsibility

3.Early awareness of project costs

4.Exceptional quality

5.Efficiencies in time and productivity

6.Lower overall costs

7.Freedom from administrative burden

8.Improved risk management

9.Accelerated building occupation